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together under the summer rain
20 y.o. / Indonesian / ENTP

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A hibatsuna story where they kinda feel like they’re falling for each other so starting avoiding each other. The thing is the more they avoid each other, they become even more sensitive to each other’s little touches. So everytime they meet, it becomes even more awkward for the two.

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Name: Caroline

Nickname: Car, Rol, Line, Lin, Carrol, Cero-Cero, Ani, whichever you want

Birthday: September 1st~!! I will soon be allowed to drink alcohol officially~!!

Gender: I have boobs and v*****a, so I’m female physically~ While mentally, half

Sexuality: Never think much about it. Still not sure.

Height: 153cm

Timezone: GMT +7

What time and date is it there: 8/30 at 13:27 

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-7 hours approximately?

The last thing I Googled was: “Tsukimori Len” lol I missed him~

My most used phrase(s): “hibatsunahibatsunahibatsunahibatsuna” *wink*

First words that comes to mind: “hibatsuna pls”

One place that makes me happy & why: Bedroom, obviously. It has bed and my personal station~

Favorite beverage(s): Nothing beats tea.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Well, truthfully I don’t really like going to cinema lol

Three things I can’t leave without: Internet, Money, Music

Something I plan on learning: Saving money and working

A piece of advice for all my followers: 1827 is my legit slogan. It keeps me being optimist and striving for better. 1 is for being the best, 8 for the infinite possibilities for me, 2 for always think positive, and 7 for believing in goodwill

You all have to listen to this song: Respect Fighter, CFV’s Kai and Aichi’s

Tagging whoever who wants to do this~

I’m gonna die

I need hibatsuna

I so damn need hibatsuna

In case of anyone wondering, japanese fans who organized 6927 events are usually a group called 6927neo famiglia

While the one who organized 1827 events are called hibatsuna official committee

I want to apologize beforehand, i may not be able do any scanlation this september because I’m living with my father for some more days and that’s means homo is dangerous.

From Hibatsuna, With Love.

1827 and 6927 fandom are really best buddies
I’m crying

Did you know?

1827 fandom had once made an anthology rich x poor hibari-san. The theme of the stories inside were about rich hibari or very poor hibari

From Hibatsuna, With Love.

Did you know? Besides 1827 fandom will have two new anthology

6927neo famiglia will also participating for themselves in the since1827

Also, reborn has its new anthology which consist of all the pairings

P.s. I saw kusakabe x hibari in the list

From Hibatsuna, With Love

Everyone remembered today, august 27th, is yamatsuna day

But no one remembered it’s once in every ten years supatsuna day lol

The othet student is also named fong btw

This drama is basically about hiba and fong working together because the girl they loved died lol