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together under the summer rain
20 y.o. / Indonesian / ENTP

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Thank you elaine!!

*whispers* happy birthday best wishes to you *rolls away*
Aww don’t be shy, come and celebrate with me :DD

Ah thank you amie hahaha

Hibatsuna has so many beautiful quotes
Like “we met here because of fate” “the sky that allows clouds to move freely” “but hibarisan taught me that pride is something you can’t give up” etc

And then there’s simply “HIBARI-SAN!!!” lololol

Imagine the disciplinary committee reaction when they heard their iinchou falls in love

Imagine them knowing it’s dame tsuna

Imagine them trying to impress their iinchou whenever tsuna is near vicinity

Still can’t get over the fact hibatsuna jap fandom made an antho based solely on peach sorbet

"We met here because of fate…"
—Hibari to Tsuna, ch.38

I just thought yamagoku can def sing if you were gay by avenue q lol

Whoa whoa even bijireiku gonna participate in one of the antho

A hibatsuna story where they kinda feel like they’re falling for each other so starting avoiding each other. The thing is the more they avoid each other, they become even more sensitive to each other’s little touches. So everytime they meet, it becomes even more awkward for the two.