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How do you sign up?

Sign up, what? Tumblr? Uhh…there should be sign up link in tumblr homepage… actually if you’re not signed in, I recall, tumblr actually advertised to sign up tumblr. Uhh sorry my internet connection right now is not very good or else I’d screenshot-ed it for you orz


Okay I feel like doing a review because I can’t understand why everyone was saying that they don’t understand this episodes AT ALL. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out stuff.

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I hope they realized it’s a mistale and i should’ve been 10 numbers earlier sobs

Tsuna: "Hibari-san really has pretty face, huh? -Even Shamal said so..."
Hibari: "What? Are you looking for a fight?"
Tsuna: "O-of course not! I'm just wondering!"
Hibari: "*sigh* My face looks like my mother, at least that's what a lot of people are saying. -You, too, right?"
Tsuna: "Heh..." (A woman with Hibari-san's face? Scary...) <-rude "Uhnn... I guess I really do look like Mom than father... Ah, I think Gokudera-kun also takes after his Mom... Boys really usually take after their mothers, huh? Ah, but Yamamoto looks like his father. Oh, no wonder he has manly built... *sigh*"
Hibari: "... I suddenly have the urge to bite Yamamoto Takeshi to death *tonfa's out*"
Tsuna: "Wait, Hibari-san!!! Don't!!!"

Ok i have confession

I think calling by hibari-san is the cutest out of hibari’s name calling

Maybe it has to do with ny notp too, but i feel calling by kyouya sounds rude, esp since if it’s by tsuna (dino is acceptable. He is foreigner. Western don’t use suffix and stuff)

So fyi, in my fic or any my 1827 script, believe me, tsuna’d never call ”kyouya”

If he does get into first name basis, i’d use ”kyouya-san” since it sounds married u w u



 It was nice to have a lover who has high-position in school. Imagine all the special treatment you would get. But, wait a minute, Sawada Tsunayoshi would like to think twice about that.

Just a little fluff I had in mind last night tehe~ Please do read!

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btw i just thought that having an aloof hibari as your love rival is better than the aloof tsukimori lol

i mean

at the very least, hibari would react when they declared their challenge

but look at tsukimori

the boys were all “i like her” and he was like “yeah? and why are you telling me this?”

they were all so kind so he’d realize his own feelings and this boy was just



I’ve just re-read it and feel the obligation to share it.

It’s a very lovely series. Furthermore, I really love their interaction and relationship. Also, the bachelors’ interaction.

Art is very lovely and beautiful as well.

Characterization and their character development are all well done. The little tidbit extra chapters are very cute~!! Please do read!

Score: 9.9/10 (0.1 is only for nothing is perfect and the fact that you can’t hear their playing which you REALLY SHOULD because they’re so beautiful and inspired you.)


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I love ur blog! Fell in love with Hibari and Tsuna and love ur posts about them :) 1827 <3

Thank you, anon-san :DD

Spread the love yeowww~

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